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Ping Pong in the Metropolis


Ping Pong in the Metropolis

Jody had seen us in action at Ping Pong Fight Club and called in to say she wanted to recreate an experience for some of Unilever's 'incubator' start-ups as a finale to the end of a week of team building events.

Situated on the 8th floor, the skyline of London was a magnificent backdrop to what was going to be a fun, fast, furious session of ping pong pandemonium! We had to think on our feet and randomise all the attendees into doubles teams, then into groups then into a knockout tournament, whilst running the Pongbot Challenge, another concurrent singles tournament and all in the space of 120 minutes for 100 people! Its what we do!

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I challenged Ade and the Pongathon team to organise a ping pong tournament that would make our very corporate office feel like a startup…. and they massively over-delivered! We had to kick people out at the end of the night, which is a definite first. Thank you

Jodie Cavendish - Events Leader, Foundry at Unilever