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Pongathon hosts ADCE Festival in Barcelona


Pongathon hosts ADCE Festival in Barcelona

Patricia Boglione at Mad For Spin and Strategic Creative Director ADCE contacted Pongathon to create a very special Ping Pong experience to celebrate 25 years of the ADCE Awards Festival in Barcelona for the judges and luminaries of the art world in attendance. I'm Not Dead venue was the magnificently cool setting for an evening of fun and tres fashionable 'Artpong' hosted by Ade and the Pongathon team of players.

Although a little shy at first ping pong newbies soon got into the games and the randomly selected double teams saw to it that we had a relatively level playing field. As the wine flowed and the tapas discreetly eaten the laughter, fun and frivolity carried on typically into ' Barcelona Time'! Looking forward to next year!

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We wanted Pongathon to be one of the main player of our event of creativity not just to have fun with them, but because we believe in the social role of this game in creating new pleasure, new connections, new ideas. Ping pong is facilitator, a way to impact on society with positive thinking and new energy, to act as a social developer. Thanks to Adrian for his immense energy and his big smile.

Patrizia Boglione - Strategic Creative Director ADCE