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Pongathon takes to the mountains with Snowbombing 2016

Broadwick Live

Pongathon takes to the mountains with Snowbombing 2016

Snowbombing, the worlds biggest music festival on snow and Pongathon, arguably the world's most off-piste ping pong events brand, got together to produce the world's craziest festival ping pong parties!

When we all met it was clear the Snowboming team wanted to give their 'Bombers' a full-tilt alternative festival experience, an opportunity to get together, dress up, laugh and be daft!

The challenge was set and resources provided to create a series of unique back-to-back ping pong parties that would live long in the memory... well at least until next year!

Ping pong inspiration duly arrived in the form of Mr. Motivators 'Ping Pong warm up and stretch class for champions', 'Disco Neon Ping Pong Party', 'Ping Pong Pingo' with all the Bingo lingo!, 'World Beer Pong Championships', 'The Blindfold Ping Pong Challenge', 'The Pongbot Challenge', lots and lots of tournaments and very silly world record attempts!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Unique spins on much loved games, broad smiles all around and lots of balls! Pongathon is an inclusive, off-the-wall and incredibly fun concept that takes Table Tennis to a new level. It's the perfect party tonic and worked like a dream at Snowbombing

Jack Walsh - Event Producer/Digital Communications Manager