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Serious Ping Pong Fun with Reprieve


Serious Ping Pong Fun with Reprieve

Reprieve the human rights organization wanted to let off some steam after a gruelling 3 days of activity involving their global network of lawyers, many of whom we had heard loved ping pong! Held at Pongathon's spiritual home at Richmix in Shoreditch, we got off to a flying start with the 'Pongbot Challenge', followed by a fun packed and hugely energetic tournament!

Pongathon are very often privileged to host ping pong parties for clients that do such great work and this was one such occasion.

The Pongathon tournament was an incredible success and a very enjoyable evening (even for the organisers)! Ade and the Pongathon team managed to get everyone Ping Pong’ing and took care of every last detail - from photos to team selections. They couldn’t have done more to help and I recommend them unreservedly – an absolute 10/10 from us. Thank you!

Sophie Salvatore - Reprieve