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City Challenge Group B: fierce competition and a little bit of controversy!


City Challenge Group B: fierce competition and a little bit of controversy!

The Pongathon City Challenge Group B stage was full of adrenaline and competitive grit last night. Dare we say there was even a little bit of controversy! Karmarama Silver had to forfeit their Group B placement due injury and work commitments which was a huge shame. However the Pongathon Panel citing will be making a decision about their inclusion in a later Group stage. We'll see. Anyway, back to controversy... Xchanging inadvertently delayed the start due confusion over what constituted a doubles team, they were insisting on 3 players but in the end were jolly good sports and settled on just the two.

The Double D's (pictured) confidently took all of their games, clear winners in fact, however, they were pushed to the extreme by eventual runners up Xchanging. Both teams now go through to the Finals on May 15th. Well done guys!

Publish Interactive were heroic in their efforts and were worthy contenders but on the night were out gunned when it came down to shot making and were sent packing losing all their games, albeit valiantly. Earlier before Publish Interactive admitted to us during warm up that the standard of ping ping skills oozing from the other teams was actually quite dazzling, and so thought we!

We have reached the halfway point folks. Challenges have been offered, lost and won. Words have been exchanged and blood has been drawn. We now have four teams in the finals with four more to follow. We're wondering who they might be? And so we ask you, do you have the ping pong chops to take on the Double D's, Xchanging, Karmarama Gold or Deli Stars? Will it be your company team that will be crowned The Pongathon City Champions of London 2012 ?

Registrations are open for Group C & D via http://pongathoncitychallenge.com