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I fought the Pongbot and the Pongbot won


I fought the Pongbot and the Pongbot won

Pongathon Tuesdays is fast becoming a ping pong institution in London and the inmates are running riot! Pongathon was so full you couldn’t fit two mice on the mini-table!

The Pongbot Challenge had queues to the entrance and our round the table competition where you had to hit the ball and drop the bat was so hilarious it looked like a collection of embarrassing home videos all spliced together!

Alex and Coco cranked up the audio visual experience to new levels as our ping pong parties jousted and danced until the cleaning lights came on!

Huge big ups to Ian and Ed who won the Pongathon Doubles knockout after fighting off stiff opposition from a competitive field with Ed having previously Challenged the Pongbot with 39 successful returns in 60 seconds, thus becoming our first Pongathon double winner!

Unfortunately for Ed we didn’t have any XXL T’s in stock so we’re having to order them specially for him! And huge congrats to our round-the table-knockout champ Louis Golding who showed adept hand and eye co-ordination seeing him through to a tense finish!

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