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Pongathon are all growed up now (yeah right!)


Pongathon are all growed up now (yeah right!)

Not that we ever need an excuse for a ping pong party, but Pongathon served it up (pun check) in style last night as we celebrated 3 years of ping pong goodness with you, our Pongathon family. A massive thanks to our friends at Firebox who gifted us a bunch of uber cool mini tables to give away, and Popchips who keep on bringing the happy snacking.

From the moment the table legs were down and the nets tightened people were through the door ready to get their pongath-on (pun check). With the room a blur of ping pong balls, the nifty footwork came out as DJ Dennis brought his best party mixed-tape and smashed (pun check) out the tunes one after another.

The Pongbot was in high spirits, joyfully pinging balls at anyone who wished to take it on. Big kudos to Mike and Eda who both scored a leader board topping 55 shots, netting (pun check) themselves a mini ping pong table.

After dispatching all on comers, the Pongbot stepped aside to allow Team Pongathon to take centre stage as things got real in a round of 'Challenge The Pro'…a single 9 point game dual where you pick the paddle we'll be playing with, from frying pans and mobile phones to mini bats and even a cider bottle! It was not a great start for the Pros as we lost 5 games straight off the bat (pun check). We were soon into our stride though as we came to bring it all level at 8 games a piece

The final scores on the doors; The Pros = 9 wins, Pongathon public = 8 wins, Pun checks = 5 wins...see I had a plan for that all along :)

A huge, massive, gigantic thank you to everyone who has made the last 3 years possible and high fives all round to anyone who has ever been to a Pongathon party…yous guys are the best. Here is to the next 3 years!

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