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Ping Pong Fight Club - A cool component for your employee engagement strategy?


Ping Pong Fight Club - A cool component for your employee engagement strategy?

Behind the inter-company rivalry and fierce competition of Ping Pong Fight Club lies an inspirational driver: inclusivity. If there is one thing we know about ping pong, it’s that regardless of skill you can enjoy the game from the very first ball hit. So it brings people together in a way like no other social sport can do. Ping Pong is an ice breaker, a deal maker, a mover and shaker!

Developing close-knit and productive relationships is a challenge for every company looking to recruit, train and retain their highest skilled personnel. What do you do to foster productive relationships, break down departmental silos and encourage team working without resorting to traditional team-building activities that staff often dread taking part in?

Where these traditional team-building activities often fallen short of expectations, Ping Pong Fight Club has exceeded them, with many companies discovering their employee engagement strategy being developed right in front of them, through the event experience itself.

Companies can find it difficult to develop a team culture and inclusive environment: workloads and time pressures are huge, and distributed workforces often mean that all staff are rarely in the office together. At the same time, some companies have a tendency to get set in their ways and do the same types of team-building and employee engagement activity. Where these are voluntary, staff sign up for them, wanting to show willing, but then drop out, creating a disappointing experience for the company and the staff.

Yet companies increasingly realise the value of creating a first-class employee experience in team-building activities, if they want them to drive truly effective employee engagement and team-building strategies. We’ve noticed a shift away from clients seeing this as simply a social night out: HR staff are becoming more involved, and even Heads Of Marketing and other senior staff are taking this a lot more seriously.

We take it seriously, too. Our events aren’t just a few hundred people playing table tennis in a warehouse; from years of experience, we understand how to create an incredible experience that everyone feels positive about being part of, and that looking after everyone helps companies taking part in Fight Club to use it to establish or consolidate the right culture in their organisation.

See how these companies are making Ping Pong Fight Club part of the mix for their employee engagement activities, and corporate objectives:

Funding Circle: the online lending company has seen a rapid increase in their staff numbers in the last three years. They have made PPFC part of their annual employee engagement programme (and winning it one their annual corporate objectives!), as it enables them to bring together a large number of employees who get behind their team players, as well as getting a chance to try social ping pong activities for themselves.

Not just before, but during and after - The tables back at their office are well-used, and one of their players (and current PPFC champion) hosts weekly sessions for staff. This helps them connect their employee engagement and workplace wellbeing activities more effectively.

Tetrad: whilst this biotechnology company is a relatively small company, their annual involvement is employee-led, as the staff have such a fantastic time taking part. As a small cohort, they love being part of the energy of something big and bold.

Laundrapp: as newcomers this year, the company behind the dry cleaning and laundry service app were delighted at how their staff instantly embraced the PPFC atmosphere and threw themselves into the competition as well as the social ping pong activities. It also unearthed ping pong skills amongst junior staff, helping them to make their mark with senior staff.

Yoti: the digital identity company loved that PPFC gave them a chance to showcase and test their new product with an audience of early adopters. Using Yoti made it easier to register players faster on arrival, and notify staff as and when they arrived.

Raise the bar on the employee experience

We listen to what our clients want for their staff and company, and help them to get out of it just what they need, and we do it by putting the client and employee experiences at the heart of what we deliver.

So, if you want to raise the bar on your employee experience for team-building events, get in touch as we’d love to see what we can do with you.

Take a look at some of our on-the-spot interviews and hear what some of our Ping Pong Fight Club participants have to say!

Chris Field - Yoti https://youtu.be/pNwheHzYJxQ Ed Relf - Laundrapp https://youtu.be/XMq9ZbAASrA Wendy Smith https://youtu.be/4ygZozDzvVU Luis Pinto - Winner https://youtu.be/A9h9W8dQV0s