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Ping Pong Fight Club, an exciting new team building and networking experience!


Ping Pong Fight Club, an exciting new team building and networking experience!

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With 25 years as an event architect in the music and entertainment industry and the last 6 years running a leading social ping events brand in the UK, I understand people are brought together through a desire to share and create unique experiences with like-minded people, in the same room, office, arena, field or stadia!

Providing special experiences for your workforce can translate into a powerful and effective employee engagement strategy, leading to a positive and productive environment within the workspace. These are important drivers that help retain and recruit skilled employees that can make the difference in your marketplace.

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Ping Pong Fight Club is an unrivalled team building and bonding event experience that ticks all the boxes. A team based inter-company ping pong tournament, where players compete for their companies bragging rights and supporters, from the intern to the CEO, get to play, network, have fun and socialise with their colleagues and like minded people from other companies.

Forget the golf course Ping Pong Fight Club is the best place to network your exceptional skills and meet like-minded ‘players’!

Start ups to global brands such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, Deliveroo, Funding Circle, Tickemaster, Moo.com, and Zopa have all participated and discovered Ping Pong Fight Club is an exciting and inclusive new way to engage, motivate and share special experiences together!

If this the type of engagement your company is looking for look no further, sign up and register your company now from www.pingpongfightclub.co.uk

Why Ping Pong? Ping pong nurtures people's innate instinct to participate, laugh, have fun and is totally inclusive. Meaning everyone, regardless of skill or gender, can participate and enjoy the game from the very first ball hit!

Each Fight Club attracts a diverse range of industries including digital technology, finance, entertainment, media, advertising, insurance, sport and retail, held across major cities in the UK and Europe.

Hosted in unusual and immersive urban environments such as warehouses, factories or galleries, supporters enjoy lots of social ping-pong including robot challenges, master-classes and beer pong.

Face painters are on hand for ‘battle scars’ and ‘butterflies’, complementary branded t-shirts and drinks, sweatbands, cool merchandise, live MCs, cinematic visuals, pop–up and ‘speed networking ‘bars, great food, DJ’s, huge prizes and charity auctions, raising thousands of pounds for good causes - Guaranteed to make I unforgettable night out for your team

The tournament involves 16 companies, represented by four players totalling 64 participants with an audience of over five hundred supporters. First round losers get another bite of the cherry in the ‘Chances Championships’ meaning everyone has something to cheer for through to when the last ball is hit!

Five per cent of the registration fees are split between winners nominated charity and our own Parallel London.

Ping Pong Fight Club registration packages have been developed to suit every size of company and budget and are available through www.pingpongfightclub.co.uk