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Ping Pong Fight Club 2016!


Ping Pong Fight Club 2016!

Pongathon's Ping Pong Fight Club this year was nothing short of immense! Congratulations to Francesco Franco from LendInvest who played an epic 3 match final against Luis Pinto from Funding Circle, breaking a 3 year stranglehold on the title.

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Special thanks must go out to British Fencing for their incredible Fencing Fight Club Activities (Dib, Dab, Stab!) and Oval Space for their amazing support and Tsingtao for supplying the beer, prizes, t-shirts and video footage. Table Tennis England for providing us with the winners table on behalf of their LOOP programme, Stratajet and Levicept for our raffle prizes, Nadia El Photography Team for the awesome images, Cavewood for our 360 filming, all of our Ping Pong Gladiators from companies far and wide, our production crew, players and hosts and not least of all Thomas Lesnier our crucial DJ keeping it real with 'chunes to fight to' all night! And if you fancy some of that go to www.pingpongfightclub.co.uk to register for the next one!