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Pongathon City Challenge - Group A - An Epic Ping Pong Battle


Pongathon City Challenge - Group A - An Epic Ping Pong Battle

So the inaugural and much hyped Pongathon City Challenge got underway this week between our Group A teams Karmarama Gold, Whiff Whaff Whallop, Deli Stars and After Dark.

Who was going to draw blood first and set the standard of banter and blade?

The teams had not given much away during warm up but out came Karmarama in spectacular style, obviously seasoned ping pong players smashing all the loose shots and giving nothing in return whilst Deli Stars, claiming to be top seeds in their office had obviously been doing some overtime on the table, all movement and aggression on both flanks.

Out came Whiff Whaff Whallop, models of consistency but where was the venom? Whilst After Dark seemed a little all at sea hitting and missing in equal measures. The atmosphere was jolly on the outside but mean on the inside as the battle raged with Karmarama Gold cutting through into pole position unbeaten on the night closely followed by Deli Stars.

So, heartfelt commiserations to After Dark and Whiff Whaff Whallop(ed) and congrats to our first finalists Karmarama Gold and Deli Stars!

Everyone had a blast, a drink and we think they have gone on to secretly agree rematches!

The next group stages are at Pongathon on March 20th between Publish Interactive, Xchanging, Karmarama Silver and The Double D’s!

To view the scores, track the teams progress and to register your company visit the official Pongathon City Challenge website.