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Pongathon's full house at the Queen of Hoxton!


Pongathon's full house at the Queen of Hoxton!

It was another great night of new faces, old friends, cheeky banter, happy smiles, crafty play, social tournaments, and epic finals all played out against the 'Orange Light District' of Queen of Hoxton…and possibly helped along by the £35 bar tab prize up for grabs!

We had a leaving drinks party, a group of local Aussies, work colleagues out for the night, and buddies out for a quick drink all wanting to get involved…so much so that we played two tournaments during the night to satisfy the crowds lust for competition!

Congratulations to Sergey and Vinay who took top slots in both tournaments and a high 5 goes out to Jack who made both finals and just missed out…despite saving several match points with Danny in the doubles!

Our Pro Brian was also in the house giving out tips and tricks…and along with Sergey helping out too, we expect to see Rose taking on all and sundry next time, Thanks to everyone who came along and we'll see you next week for more ping pong shenanigans, tournaments, and bar table prizes…'Serves You Right'!

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