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Pongathon Tuesdays: Ping Pong, Hula Pong and the Pongbot


Pongathon Tuesdays: Ping Pong, Hula Pong and the Pongbot

Tuesday night we almost lifted the roof of Richmix as all the tables upstairs and down pinged to the sound of pop and disco filled with Hula Hoops, gyrating hipsters and laughing bar flies! Confused?

No it’s just a normal crazy Pongathon! As usual we had the amazing Pongbot challenge which was won by Daniel Waric returning 42 balls in 60 seconds but how many balls could be returned against The Pongbot whilst Hula Hooping?!

As the challengers lined up only the gods of comedy knew what was to come our way as arms, balls, bats, hoops and hips all flew in different directions trying to deal with the Pongbot assault!

Pongathon had a laughing seizure but came out with a victor in the shape of big Steve who notched up an incredible 9 successful returns! Meanwhile Nana and Paul became our double champions and in the far corner of Richmix the much hyped Pongathon City Challenge got underway with our teams Karmarama Gold, Whiff Whaff Whallop, Deli Stars and After Dark battling out for their companies bragging rights and the chance to win a pro-table for the office!

Who was going to draw blood first and set the standard of banter and blade? Karmarama Gold cut their through into pole position unbeaten on the night closely followed by Deli Stars. Well done guys see you in the final on May 15th!

For photos from the night - click here

And see all you guys on March 20th for the next instalment of Pongathon! And don’t forget you can book all your tables through Pongathon.com .....