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Pongstatic Ping Pong Pugilism!


Pongstatic Ping Pong Pugilism!

With bouncing balls, smashing tunes, slices of lime in your drink from the bar, and any other ping pong ball hitting puns you can think of, Pongathon served up another hit night of ping pong glory and epic-ness at Rich Mix last night.

After a couple of weeks of holidaying in the Bahamas with cousins Wall-E & Johnny 5, the Pongbot was well rested and ready to take on a any petty challengers that dared to step up...Pongbot's own words people!

And he was soon put in his place as before long we had Julien, Ian, Oli, and Chris all top trumping each other for top spoils with scores of 45, 47, 48, and 49 respectively…super close. Super close that is until Pongathon regular Fayaz decided to put us all out of our misery with an unbeatable score of 57!

With the Pongbot feeling jet lagged, it was time to buddy up and put on one of our special doubles tournaments, and within minutes we had eight teams raring to put down their opponents with shade looks, paddle skills, and off-putting star jumps (I may have made up the star jumps bit).

Playing a simple knock out format with winners and losers tables (nobody goes home empty hearted at Pongathon) in place, we got down to business. Before long we came to it with John & Kam taking victory over Ilaria & Reinieo in the losers finals, followed by Fayaz & Charles stealing the win over Oli and Chris in the winners final...after coming back from several points down in the first game!

To round off a splendid evening we pulled out our special bag of tricks for a game of 'Challenge The Pro'. Pongathon's Andrew very quickly wished the tricks had stayed put away, losing all 3 games to the challengers…and he got to use a bat for two of the games! In the end the challengers took this one, but we'll be back again on 9th March to reclaim our crown. See you then.

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