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'Serves You Right' officially launched at Queen of Hoxton!


 'Serves You Right'  officially launched at Queen of Hoxton!

'Serves You Right' launched its regular free weekly (Every Tuesdays) ping pong parties at The Queen of Hoxton last night to an audience that didn't seem to know the meaning of holding back when it came to having a good time!

People had heard on the grapevine Pongathon were hosting a new residency, a small but perfectly formed affair with an appetite for over the top ping pong nonsense involving ping pong robots, frying pans, tournaments and challenges. Rumour had it they were even giving away large bar tabs for the winners!

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All of the above we are glad to report was absolutely true! Needless to say a wonderful night ensued with some healthy competition, back-chat and banter from players and hosts alike, set up deliciously with 'chunes to pong to', plenty of bar action and lots of faces old and new!

The 'Pongbot Challenge' became mandatory for all and sundry, even for people that had never heard, seen, let alone played against a ping pong robot! Lots of laughs, spills and thrills couldn't hold one of our old regulars Alex back from winning the £15 bar tab (with a score of 52 in 60 seconds) and then walking off with another £35 with his partner Phil for winning the doubles tournament!

They are coming back next week apparently for a 'rollover' so this is an invitation for everyone to earmark next Tuesday after-work with your colleagues, to come and roll them over in the weekly tournament!

Serve You Right opens from 6pm to 9.30pm EVERY Tuesday. Its totally FREE to play with 30 minute slots allocated on a first come first serve basis! The tournament starts at 7pm each week with a £35 bar tab up for grabs!

For all private parties and bookings download the brochure here http://queenofhoxton.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Pongathon-at-Queen-of-Hoxton-party-package.pdf and get in touch today!