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We did Ma’m proud!


We did Ma’m proud!

What a right royal Pongathon Jubilee knees up we had on June 5th! The whole of Richmix was draped in flags, bunting, streamers and backdrops as we royally celebrated round the ping pong tables!

The Pongbot looking resplendent in ‘his’ new union jack attire once again took on all-comers from far and wide including a highly competitive Australian film crew on location, a boisterous Brazilian contingent, our regulars of course and a host of ‘Pongathon virgins’! Lots of bar action, high intensity ping pong and a healthy dose of 90’s Britpop did Ma’m proud! Pongathon by royal appointment? You never know!

** Please note we are back on July 3rd after a small break. We are working on something VERY exciting! So watch this space!**